Information for using small character LCDs such as the HD44780 with Mac OS X, LCDproc and Growl. And other Apple and Mac USB stuff.

Monday, August 13, 2007

GrowLCDproc Now Available!

Growl Claw

After some final feature improvements and bug fixes, GrowLCDproc is now available for public use!

Forward Growl notifications from your favorite Mac OS X applications to any number of LCDproc servers running locally or on remote networks. Then see your Growl notifications appear on any of the displays supported by LCDproc on a Mac OS X, Linux or BSD server.

Check out a screen-shot.

Take a look at the documentation.

Download the latest version now.


GrowLCDproc 1.3.1 is now a Universal Binary.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

GrowLCDproc Pre-Release updated!

New GrowLCDproc available with improved sleep behavior. Fixes a bug where sleep would cause a bad stream to remain open and prevent screens from being sent to LCDproc until a "reconnect".

Download the latest version now.

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I just submitted some code to get a serial Point of Sale display working with LCDproc. My display uses the AEDEX protocol and seems to work great. I will post the code here shortly.

When used in conjunction with GrowLCDproc, you can show your current iTunes songs or any Growl notifications on the display.


The LCDproc distribution now contains this driver with the name serialPOS. I have also added a feature to allow input from an RS232 keyboard or terminal through a serial pass-through port.