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Monday, December 21, 2009

iMon LCDproc Compiler Script Update

See the original iMon LCDproc Compiler Script post for installation details.

Many new features have been added:

Auto Discovery

The driver will now auto-discover your iMon device with no need to edit the LCD.conf file. You can still specify specific product and vendor ids if you wish.


The new driver works with newer iMon HID devices (with "HID" printed on the back), to allow Mac OS X to open the device and let you use your remote control as a mouse. Several Mac OS X drivers are available to extend the use HID devices and will now work with the remote buttons. If you had an older version of the iMon installer script that installed the LCDprocUSBShield.kext, you will need to reboot after you run the install script to gain full control of your remote.

Older iMon devices that use the iMon Pad remote, but do not use HID, such as the 0xffdc VFD, can also use the remote with the help of a few programs:

  1. GrowLCDproc 1.4.1, 1.3.11 or newer must be running and connected to lcdproc.
  2. Remote Buddy must be running with the "Script Remote" enabled in the "Hardware" area.

The imon lcdproc driver will send remote control button presses to GrowLCDproc, which in turn, sends commands to Remote Buddy via AppleScript. Remote Buddy is not a free product, but it is so professionally written with so many excellent features that it is worth the money. Remote Buddy has many options to control all of your essential Mac OS X programs. There is also a free 30 day download available.

Improved features with 0x0038 SoundGraph LCD

New features have been added that improve the stability of the SoundGraph LCD and allow users to control what the LCD will display after LCDproc shuts down.

Good Luck!


Friday, December 11, 2009

GrowLCdproc 1.4.1 Available

Growl Claw

GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 is now available for download.

GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 is compiled for 64-bit Leopard. It also includes a feature to display the current date and time when no other notifications are visible. It is largely untested and may have some minor bugs in the configuration screen. It appears to work otherwise.

See it in action.

Take a look at the documentation.

Download the latest version now.


GrowLCDproc 1.3.11 is now available for GrowLCDproc users using Pre-Leopard Operating Systems. It has all of the features of 1.4.1, but works with Mac OS X 10.4.


GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 fixes an error in GrowLCDproc 1.4.0 that would cause the display to not load on some systems.

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