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Friday, December 11, 2009

GrowLCdproc 1.4.1 Available

Growl Claw

GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 is now available for download.

GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 is compiled for 64-bit Leopard. It also includes a feature to display the current date and time when no other notifications are visible. It is largely untested and may have some minor bugs in the configuration screen. It appears to work otherwise.

See it in action.

Take a look at the documentation.

Download the latest version now.


GrowLCDproc 1.3.11 is now available for GrowLCDproc users using Pre-Leopard Operating Systems. It has all of the features of 1.4.1, but works with Mac OS X 10.4.


GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 fixes an error in GrowLCDproc 1.4.0 that would cause the display to not load on some systems.

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Anonymous kulo said...

Thanks epooch!!!

Nice pic xD Maybe someone would like to upload a video to see growlcdproc in action

1/12/09 01:14  
Anonymous ONeill said...

here are 2 screenshots:
it is version 1.4 and the system says that it was installed successfully. but i cant see the plugin in the growl settings (pic above) :(
the path is:
/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Growl/Plugins
and its a german system ;)

4/12/09 08:09  
Anonymous ONeill said...

i found the errorlog:

4/12/09 10:52  
Anonymous ONeill said...

perhaps the app is built without garbage collection turned on?

4/12/09 10:56  
Anonymous epooch said...

I'll look into it.
What version of Mac OS X and what processor do you have?

6/12/09 08:45  
Anonymous ONeill said...

2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
snow leopard 10.6.2

6/12/09 09:04  
Anonymous Alexander said...

same problem for me

10/12/09 10:29  
Anonymous epooch said...

GrowLCDproc 1.4.1 should fix this error.

11/12/09 01:31  
Anonymous ONeill said...

big thanks- it works!!!

11/12/09 10:57  
Anonymous Alexander said...

tyvm! works too.
Epooch, can you post more info how to get iMon remote control working on Mac?

12/12/09 12:18  
Anonymous epooch said...


what imon device do you have? I have a few solutions for the remote that I am about ready to release. I could use some help testing.

16/12/09 20:23  
Anonymous David said...

Using this to send to my LCD and it works great. Thanks for your work.

However, when a Growl message is sent to the LCD, the scrolling of the LCD is not reset. So the middle of the message might be displayed on the screen depending on the scrolling position of the last GrowLCdproc message.

Anyway to change this? I have an app that sends a stream of growl notifications and have been trying to find a way around this.

7/1/10 19:42  
Anonymous epooch said...

I can't picture what you are describing. can you take a video? what kind of display are you using?

10/1/10 20:53  
Anonymous David said...

I am using the LIS driver on a 20x2 display (Nmedia pro-lcd)

Say I have a long growl message, like "The lazy dogs jumped over the brown log".

The message should be displayed on the LCD like this:

"The lazy dogs jumped" (the initial 20 chars, and then scrolled to reveal the rest)

but it ends up like this:

"umped over the brown" (started at the middle)

It will scroll to show the whole message, but starting from the middle of the message. The next growl message that comes will start where the "scroll" position of the last message left off, which might display the middle of the new message, or the end, or the beginning.

I'm not sure if this is intended, but I'm guessing that GrowlLCDProc just creates one lcdproc screen and the scrolling position is "global" for all widgets/displays on that screen.

Any thoughts?

10/1/10 21:03  
Anonymous epooch said...

I believe this is actually an LCDproc issue. GrowLCDproc makes a new scroller for each screen from a different type of notification. I think LCDproc has a static variable that keeps track of the location for the scroller. I will check to see what is going on.

14/1/10 01:10  
Anonymous David said...

Hey epooch, any updates on the scroll issue? Thanks!

22/1/10 11:46  
Anonymous Tocotron said...

Hi Epooch and persons that tested the GrowlLCDproc succesfully.

thanks for your new version of iMon LCDproc Compiler Script. Now it supports my Imon Pad. When I start .LCDd -f -r 5 i see that it recognized the buttons i pressed. For using the remote i've installed Growl 1.2. Starting the GrowlLCdproc 1.4.1 I get the info, that it was succesfully installed but i don't see LCDproc in the DisplaySettings of Growl.
I've got a Core2Duo E6600, Leopard 10.5.8 and the IMon Pad bundled with the Silverstone LaScala LC-16M.

Would be great, if anybody will get me some hints.

3/4/10 13:30  
Anonymous Fernando Doutel said...

Hello, Im writing an article in Applesfera on how to have an LCD working on Mac. I've tried to download GrowlLCDproc but the download of the file is not working.

Thanks a lot and best regards / Fernando Doutel

26/1/13 11:48  

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