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Saturday, February 3, 2007

LCDproc compile update


Since upgrading to Xcode 2.4.1, I have noticed some problems compiling LCDproc. However, they are not difficult to overcome.

cd into the folder of the latest LCDproc source. and run the following commands:

  1. ./configure
  2. make
    At some point this will return an error about nested functions.
  3. make CFLAGS=-fnested-functions
    This will finish compiling past the previous error.

If you just run make CFLAGS=-fnested-functions, without running a standard make first, you will get an error trying to dynamically link Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon.

In other news, LCDproc included some new source I wrote to get the top processes and the internet interface statistics. This means that all of the lcdproc client features are now supported in Mac OS X!


There are no longer any nested functions in LCDproc. As a result, you can now just run:

  1. ./configure
  2. make

to compile LCDproc.



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