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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mac OS X USB LCD Kit LCDproc code


The source will hopefully be incorporated into LCDproc and I should have a compiled download available shortly.

THe default set up is for winamp wiring, but the MAC OS X USB LCD Kit is wired a bit differently. Make sure to uncomment:
to enable the proper wiring for the kit.

Update: 8/10/2008

The hd44780-USS720 driver code has been incorporated into LCDproc. I hope to have a compiled version available for download as soon as possible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice job. I want to test out the uss720 code, but I have a 16 pin HD44780, and I'm not sure how to get the +5V for the backlight. Is there a pin on the Centronics pin that's a dedicated +5V? How did you deal with the backlight in your LCD kits?

7/2/09 23:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your old post at Pin out post. How did you determine to merge pin 13 and 14 together? Did you put diodes before combining the pins?

8/2/09 01:27  
Anonymous epooch said...

No diodes, it just gives more power. I know it looks horrible, but it works and I haven't have a problem with it. At worst, it could cause a problem with the adapter, but I have had it running for months without a problem. There may be diodes in the adapter.

As for the 5 volts, you could get it from the usb, but not the Centronics connector.

2/3/09 23:13  

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