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Saturday, October 3, 2009

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 Available

Growl Claw

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 is now available for download.

GrowLCDproc 1.3.9 improves priority handling of Growl notifications, causing normal priority notifications to be displayed immediately on your LCD.

See it in action.

Take a look at the documentation.

Download the latest version now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! This is my first download, I don't know there is a port of lcdproc for mac...there is a new version of growl (1.2)...Thanks!!!

20/10/09 14:31  
Anonymous epooch said...

Be sure to leave a comment if you need help. LCDproc can be a bit tricky to set up sometimes.

21/10/09 21:49  
Anonymous kulo said...

Thanks for reply epooch...yes I have some littles problems with LCDproc...can you include APD in the next version of lcdproc script?...can I configure a matrixorbital with lcdproc/growlcd? i have an old palm (sony clie peg s300 usb) with palmorb....thanks again!

25/10/09 19:39  
Anonymous epooch said...

I don't know what APD is. You can use a Matrix Orbital LCD, you just need to configure lcdproc and get the appropriate serial driver so that the palm serial device shows up in /dev/.

26/10/09 23:30  
Anonymous kulo said...

APD: I was trying to abbreviate apple development tools xD

27/10/09 02:32  
Anonymous epooch said...

Install the Developer Tools / XCode from your System install DVD, or download XCode from Apple's website.

27/10/09 08:04  
Anonymous Jorge said...

Hi Eric,

I was wondering, could you maybe put an option in the GrowlLCD style that makes the time appear instead of the LCDProc server message? I think it would be very cool.


29/10/09 23:53  
Anonymous epooch said...

I was actually considering that, but I didn't know if anybody would use it. I will make it an option in a future update.

30/10/09 07:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi could you please port the plugin to 10.6 snow leopard?? its a really nice tool...
big thanks!

28/11/09 13:18  
Anonymous epooch said...

Compiled for 64-bit leopard in V. 1.4.0. Let me know how it works.

29/11/09 11:52  
Anonymous ONeill said...

hmm it is installed but it doesnt show up on the options tab of growl(v1.2)

2/12/09 09:18  
Anonymous epooch said...

Make sure to use the new version. Not 1.3.9

4/12/09 07:33  

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