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Sunday, January 8, 2012

iMon Helper utility available

I just completed a new helper utility that will allow a standard LCDproc install to communicate with your iMon display. No more compiling special Mac OS X iMon drivers for LCDproc!

iMon_Helper is intended as a go-between to allow your Mac OS X installation of LCDProc to communicate with your iMon display. Because it is installed a separate binary, you will not need special Mac OS X specific compilations of LCDproc or the iMon driver to take advantage of the features of your iMon display. This will allow you to keep updated with the latest features of the iMon LCDproc driver.

Download the latest version now!

Unfortunately, I have not tested it on the newest Mac OS X or in 64 bit. Leave a comment if you have any problems.

Cox web hosting also recently ended their service, so the previous downloads I have posted are no longer available. I will try to get a version of GrowLCDproc up ASAP.


Anonymous Terrym said...

Is it possible to get the ANTEC Veris working to ?

14/1/12 20:34  
Anonymous Terrym said...

Ok after more looking around my question should be,
Can you fix the "iMon_LCDproc_installer" and/or the "install.command" ?
The copy I have jest gets a bunch of errs and can't install at all.
I like this method of installing LCDproc & what ever else.
I'm trying to get a new ANTEC Veris Multimedia Station Premier working,
But the copy of LCDproc I have is to old. The ANTEC Veris is made by
Soundgraph but has a different Product ID: its 0x0045 the Vendor ID is the same 0x15c2 . pleas help.

15/1/12 13:25  
Anonymous epooch said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

16/1/12 14:46  
Anonymous epooch said...

I haven't updated the iMon_LCDproc_installer for a while, and I don't really have the time or inclination to keep it updated. It is too difficult to keep in sync with the servers that have the libraries needed and with the changes in LCDproc. Try using the iMon Helper utility and let me know the results.

16/1/12 15:01  
Anonymous Eric Yanush said...


I have the Antec Premier as well, I have it functioning using the helper and LcdProc. Here is what I did:

Download the LCDProc tarball from their site.
run ./configure --prefix=/usr/sbin --enable-drivers=imon,imonlcd

then change the driver section of LCDd.conf to use imonlcd. Also make sure the protocol in the imonlcd section is 0, and the device is /dev/stdout

run the helper and lcdproc as described in the readme with the helper!

27/2/12 14:59  
Anonymous Eric Yanush said...


Would it be possible for you to post a link to growlLCDProc?

Thanks for all your excellent work!

27/2/12 15:00  
Anonymous said...

Question: I am looking to put a small LCD display on the front of my Mac Mini hackintosh...

Could I get a HD44780 that just has an internal USB header connector to use with LCDproc and GrowlLCDproc or do you I need to get a Belkin F5U002 to make it all work?


31/3/12 20:40  
Anonymous Tiger sparrow said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

29/5/12 00:45  
Anonymous epooch said...

Mac LCDproc is available here:
I haven't tested it with recent Mac OS x Releases.

6/8/12 21:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, need your help, after updating Growl to new Version 2.0, the LCDproc is deactivated, because Growl have deactivated it.. can you give Informations about and how to reenable it again..?
(Mac OSX 10.8.2, Growl 2.0)

25/9/12 11:08  
Anonymous epooch said...

I probably need to recompile it with the newest growl libraries. This may take a while for me to get around to. If you have experience with this or can help me set up a source repository I would be happy to let you take a crack at it.

25/9/12 19:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please, tell me, what i can do for you, and how i can reach you without having a facebook or google+ account...

25/9/12 20:20  
Anonymous epooch said...

epooch (at)

27/9/12 18:07  

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