Information for using small character LCDs such as the HD44780 with Mac OS X, LCDproc and Growl. And other Apple and Mac USB stuff.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

LCD proposal cont'd

So, to implement this LCD Project on Mac OS X, I figured I would have to write a daemon or command line utility that would accept messages to display. Then write a bunch of scripts or clients to display server data, then have users make their own if they wanted. (Sort of like LCDproc.) Obviously this would be a pain, and have little usefulness for existing applications.

Then I discovered an application that is designed to take message notifications from applications and display them to a user. Growl will allow me to just code up a small "Display" plug-in and immediately, the LCD will be able to display noitifications from a whole list of supported applications.

This might turn out very useful and functional!


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