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Sunday, October 12, 2008

iTunes LCDproc AppleScript

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Here is an AppleScript designed to display your current iTunes song on an LCDproc server. It uses expect to control a telnet session to the LCDproc server. You do not need Growl.

You must open it in Script Editor, save it as an application and select "Stay Open" in the save dialog. Then you can put it in your iTunes Scripts folder so it is accessible in iTunes.

Download the iTunes LCDproc AppleScript.


I updated the script so it uses very few processes now.

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Anonymous miles said...

Since you no longer offer the Mac OS X Character LCD Kit, would you mind providing some more information on what is in the kit. Also could you maybe provide some links to where to buy the parts? I'm especially having trouble finding the LCD adapter cable you refer to in your instruction manual.

8/11/08 09:06  
Anonymous jamiedpooch said...

See previous posts for details on the kit:
Posts about /MAC%20OS%20X%20USB%20LCD%20Kit
It is a standard HD44780 based LCD, A Belkin F5U002 parallel printer adapter. Get the one with the detachable cable. There is one on ebay right now, but it is over priced. Try contacting sellers with a lot of them for sale and asking if they have the ones with the detachable cable

10/11/08 21:30  
Anonymous miles said...

What is the reason that the adapter with the detachable cable is necessary? Also, my question was more regarding the blue adapter not the Belkin one. Thanks.

11/11/08 08:29  
Anonymous jamiedpooch said...

The detachable Belkin cable seems to use the USS720 chip, while the other one often does not.

The blue connector is a 36 pin female centronics connector that is wired according to one of the previous posts. I had to make them. It just allows the LCD to connect to the Belkin printer cable. You could also cut the Belkin cable open and just wire it directly. You should be able to find one at a good electronics store.

11/11/08 23:23  

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