Information for using small character LCDs such as the HD44780 with Mac OS X, LCDproc and Growl. And other Apple and Mac USB stuff.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

iMon 0x0038 Icon

I wrote some code to get LCDproc working on Mac OS X with the iMon LCD 0x0038. I am currently trying to get the remote to work with it as well.

I should have a compiled binary to release soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great! pls make it public! thx :)

17/3/09 05:15  
Anonymous ארז said...

is there any chance to see the driver anytime soon ?

13/4/09 07:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beta testers wanted? :) any svn available? where to find?

already waitin sooooooo long dude...

donations welcome?

2/5/09 05:38  
Anonymous epooch said...

Sorry for the delay. No compiled binary yet, but you can download the compiler script/installer here: iMon LCDproc Compiler Script.

3/5/09 20:04  

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