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Thursday, March 5, 2009

LCDproc Compiler script

I have had a lot of requests for an Intel compile of LCDproc. Here is a compile script you can use to compile it yourself. You will need to have the Apple Developer Tools installed. Then run the install.command script and it will:

  1. download LCDproc
  2. download libusb, if not installed already
  3. set up any necessary environment variables
  4. configure, compile and install LCDproc
  5. run LCDproc with the default LCDd configuration
  6. open the LCDd.conf file so you can edit the configuration if you want
  7. open the LCDd StartupItem installer to allow you to run LCDd at start up

You may need to enter your password when prompted.

In the end you will have a fully-featured LCDproc compiled with all of the USB drivers enabled. You will need to edit the LCDd.conf file to suit your display. If you have to specify a device in the LCDd.conf file,be sure to use the cu.usbserial device, not the tty.usbserial device.

Unfortunately, because this is a default install, some drivers such as imon will not work properly without other Mac OS X specific patches.

Many USB displays will work with minor configuration file changes, including the Mac OS X USB LCD Kit.

Download the latest version now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone beat me to how my Treo will be used as a LCD, but still an awesome little project: (use the google translate since it is not in English)

15/3/09 18:14  
Anonymous epooch said...

If your treo has a terminal you can just log into the server computer and run LCDd using the curses driver. I did it with my zaurus. It is not as nice looking, but works pretty well:
Zaurus as an LCDproc display

16/3/09 02:18  

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